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Choosing a Car

It's your choice

Choosing a car can be a real balancing act between your head and your heart. There are the practical considerations you need, as well as the type of car you’d really like. You may know what you want, or are in the process of deciding.

Whatever stage you're at, we’re here to help:

I know what I want...

Use our online quoting tool to get an instant quote on most makes and models of car available in the UK.

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I’ve got a rough idea what I want...

Not sure exactly which model you want? Give us a call or drop us an email, and we’ll happily discuss options and give you a quote.

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I’m open to offers...

Call or email us, and we’ll spend time taking you through some relevant options, quotes and special offers to help you.

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You might be able to afford more than you think...

New to leasing? You might be surprised how costs can vary across different manufacturers and models. That’s because cars that hold their value longer may work out cheaper to lease. So, just because a car is worth more doesn’t necessarily mean it will cost you more.

Reducing the cost of emissions

Choosing a car with low emissions isn’t just better for the environment. It’ll save you money too. As well as a lighter fuel bill and road tax, you’ll have less Company Car Tax to pay.

The amount of Company Car Tax (Benefit In Kind (BIK) tax) is based on the list price of the car multiplied by 5% - 35%, depending on the car’s CO2 emissions. Cars with zero emissions aren’t taxed at all.

A new car may cost less in the long run

Small business owners and employees often buy used cars to save money. Although this seems logical, leasing a new car from Lex Autolease may actually be a better option.

With the latest technology as well as impressive economy, safety and environmental features, new cars and vans are a better deal than ever.

What’s more, if you lease you’ll drive a new car every few years so you’ll always have the latest in automotive design and specification.