Autumn Statement 2016

Expert analysis on the important changes for company vehicles.


On 23rd November, the Chancellor announced this year's Autumn Statement. In a largely business-friendly statement, he made a number of announcements that will have an impact on organisations, employees and fleets.

As experts in company vehicles and fleet management, with extensive experience in analysing the Chancellor Budgets, here's our rundown of what the announcements mean for your organisation.

The Chancellor announced changes to ensure that ‘employees swapping salary for benefits will pay the same tax as the vast majority of individuals who buy them out of their post-tax income’. This includes employees who are able to exchange a cash allowance for a company car.

This means that for vehicles delivered after April 2017, with the exception of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs), currently 75g/km or less, the tax and employer National Insurance advantages of salary sacrifice schemes will be removed. While the good news is that ULEVs are excluded, for employers, there could be an additional administrative burden on payroll. Employees with vehicles provided before 6th April 2017 will be protected from these changes until April 2021, as the benefit in kind value of company cars will be calculated based on the list price and CO2 rating percentage and not the cash alternative or salary sacrificed.

While this protection is positive, an increase in Insurance Premium Tax from 10% to 12% to be introduced in June 2017 will also impact on the costs of salary sacrifice arrangements.

To support organisations in managing these changes, Lex Autolease can model the potential impact on employees, as well as employers, and provide support to implement the changes.

We await further information to be published in the Finance Bill on the 5th December to understand the full impact of the changes on your fleet.

If you have an existing salary sacrifice scheme or a traditional company car scheme where the employee can elect for either cash or a company car, we'd recommend the new legislation is communicated to your business so that employees can make an informed choice when selecting their next vehicle. Companies could also review their existing salary sacrifice and company car schemes to include more ULEVs in the policy.

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Changes to salary sacrifice schemes in
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Increase in Insurance Premium Tax

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An additional £390m of investment by 2020-21 in transport infrastructure was announced. In terms of its relevance to company vehicles, the funding includes an extra £80m towards the charging infrastructure for ULEVs as well as an additional £40m for plug-in grants.

From today until the end of March 2019, the Government announced that there will be 100% first-year allowances for companies investing in charge-points for electric vehicles.

£100m is also to be invested in new Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) infrastructure. This highlights the Government's continued commitment to strengthening the UK as a leader in the area of CAV technology.

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Additional investment by 2020-21 in transport infrastructure
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First-year allowances to companies investing in charge-points

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The introduction of new lower tax bands for the lowest emitting ULEVs from April 2020 will provide stronger incentives for the uptake of ULEVs by company car drivers.

The system will see the introduction of an additional 15 new bandings of which 11 will be for ULEVs.

While the changes to company car taxation are good news for employees selecting ULEVs from April 2020, in the interim, they could see an increase in company car taxation.

The appropriate percentage for cars emitting greater than 90g CO2/km will rise by 1 percentage point compared to the published 2019/20 rates.

Full details are still to emerge, but the table below provides an overview of the expected changes to Company Car Tax rates and bands announced on 23rd November.

We'd recommend companies review their company car schemes in line with the Government's green agenda to include more ULEVs to offset the impact of this new legislation.

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CO2 emissions (g/km)Taxable percentage of list price*
191316(see table below)

Emission figures for vehicles are rounded down. Diesel supplements: * add 3% subject to a maximum charge of 37%.

CO2 emissions (g/km)Mileage capabilityTaxable percentage of list price
1-50More than 130 miles in zero emission mode2%
1-5070-129 miles5%
1-5040-69 miles8%
1-5030-39 miles 12%
1-50Under 30 miles 14%

We'd recommend companies review their company car schemes in line with the Government's green agenda to include more ULEVs to offset this new legislation.

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The continued freeze on fuel duty for the seventh consecutive year is to be welcomed. Given the rise in oil prices and depreciation of Sterling, this will be a relief for motorists who will save an average £130 each year compared to what they would have been paying under the pre-2010 escalator, rising to a saving of £350 for van drivers.

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Fuel duty
Zero increase

While the continued freeze of fuel duty is good news, recent pump price increases will have impacted on fleet operating costs. With fuel being the 2nd highest cost in fleet, company fuel expenditure and associated expenses processes should be regularly reviewed, to maximise fuel efficiency and encourage appropriate driver behaviour.

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As more detail emerges regarding the Chancellor's announcement, we will continue to keep you up to date with the impact of the changes on your business.

We hope you found our analysis of the Chancellor's statement helpful. Please get in touch with our team to discuss any of the issues covered - we're here to help you run your vehicles effectively.

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