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Business Contract Hire & Leasing

Business Contract Hire is a popular funding option with fleets of all shapes and sizes. Your leasing company purchases the vehicles you need, and can also manage them for you. You pay an agreed, fixed monthly rental cost – with the option to include maintenance if you want it – and at the end of your term you return the vehicles to the leasing company.

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The key features of Business Contract Hire (BCH) are:


  • Enjoy fixed, lower monthly payments due to the VAT advantages of leasing
  • Operational costs are more predictable, so you can manage your fleet effectively
  • You can add ancillary services such as vehicle maintenance, Fleet Administration, or Duty of Care
  • You don’t need to worry about having to sell vehicles yourself
  • Your cashflow is freed up for you to use elsewhere in your business


  • There are cost implications if you terminate your funding agreement early (although this applies to all forms of funding)

With Lex Autolease Contract Hire you are able to choose from most makes and models of vehicles. And because different cars and vans depreciate at different rates, you can often lease a more prestigious vehicle than you could get when purchasing, at the same monthly cost. It’s a flexible service, too – you can change the agreed mileage or term length if you need to.

At Lex Autolease, we go the extra mile to make sure your fleet is just right for your business. With all Contract Hire vehicles – both cars and vans – you can take advantage of our useful extra services, all designed to take the hassle out of fleet management. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Technical support
  • Accident management
  • Fleet maintenance management
  • Online reporting with Lex Autolease Interactive