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Our Roadside and Breakdown Assistance Service

The service offers support to drivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and is available to all funded & fleet managed vehicles.

In the event of a breakdown, drivers simply make one call to our recovery agent and they will manage the recovery until the vehicle is mobile again. We take over the incident from the first call and make sure that drivers are recovered quickly and back on the road as soon as possible, keeping driver down time to a minimum.

Our breakdown service includes:

  • One number to call for all breakdown assistance
  • Immediate 48 hour replacement vehicle *
  • Roadside assistance from the drivers home or workplace as well as on their journey
  • European cover, if required.

If you have a full maintenance contract with Lex Autolease, the cost for breakdown cover is included in your monthly rental.

Our breakdown service is also available to customers with non-maintained vehicle contracts. If you would like to have breakdown cover you will need to pay a monthly cost for it.

If you need European breakdown cover for your vehicle you pay a fixed cost which is included in your monthly rental. European breakdown cover is not available as a one-off, pay on use service. Drivers can request European travel cover information by phoning us on 0870 165 0980.

When taking a contract hire vehicle abroad for business or pleasure it is necessary to obtain the appropriate paperwork to comply with European legislation and it is the driver’s responsibility to obtain the "Vehicle on Hire" paperwork. A dedicated team can assist in providing all of the legal documentation required for taking vehicles abroad (VE103 Vehicle on Hire certificate, letter of authority from Lex Autolease and details of what to do should the vehicle breakdown). The team can also advise on all aspects of European travel, ensuring peace of mind motoring for you whilst driving abroad.

* Only available to Contract Hire customers who pay a maintenance fee

Additional information

If you have broken down and need some help, call our 24 hour breakdown service on 0800 246 001.

If you would like to find out more about European breakdown services, please contact our team on 0870 165 0980.

For more information about our Breakdown Services please phone us on 0800 012 1234 or click below.
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