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Duty of Care

Any customer with a fleet of more than five vehicles should undertake sufficient Duty of Care to ensure that they are fully protecting their drivers from any risk.

We know that occupational road risk is still a major issue facing fleets today. New legislation and increased penalties have led to an even greater need for improved management of driver safety on the road. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires you to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all employees while at work. You also have a responsibility to ensure that others are not put at risk by your work-related driving activities (self-employed people have a similar responsibility to that of employers). Did you know that your health and safety policy statement should cover work-related road safety and should be written down if you employ five or more people?

Did you know?
  • Up to a third of all road traffic accidents involve somebody who is at work at the time.
  • Vehicle accidents cause £10bn loss annually.
  • 65% of all vehicles are involved in an accident.
  • 70% of companies do not have a formal risk policy.
  • 1m UK drivers have nine points on their licence and are one prosecution away from a ban.
  • 56% of companies do not provide driver training.

Lex Autolease have partnered with AA DriveTech, the UK’s largest provider of fleet risk management and driver education services in the UK, to provide our customers with a full range of products associated with the Duty of Care requirements that an employer has to its employees when driving for work purposes.

AA DriveTech was chosen as the preferred supplier due to their comprehensive portfolio, nationwide coverage, strong brand awareness within the market place and competitive pricing.

Lex Autolease’s role is as an introducer, with the service and invoicing coming directly from AA DriveTech.

The range of products available from AA DriveTech includes:

  • Fleet risk audit: A formal risk audit for all 'driving for work' activities will help identify areas of risk exposure and non-compliance.
  • Driver licence checking: It's important that all employees who drive for work have legal and valid driving licences not only for an employer to meet its duty of care obligations but also to ensure that, in the event of a crash, the employee and employer are fully insured. Licence Check is an online service that captures a driver's driving licence number and validates it against the DVLA database, which provides details such as points and drink driving offences.
  • Driver assessments: Driver assessments are a key component of a comprehensive road risk strategy, as well as helping an organisation meet its duty of care responsibilities. They can take place online, on-road or on paper, depending on your needs.
  • Online risk assessments : Online individual driver risk assessments are popular because they can target training for 'at risk' drivers, reduce fleet accident rates, resulting in reduced operating costs. The assessments include modules about driver history, knowledge, attitude and skill.
  • Online driver training: This is a fully interactive online portal that develops a driver's knowledge and challenges their driving attitude and behaviour. It includes subjects such as road signs, hazards and motorway skills.
  • Practical, in-vehicle driver training: Practical driver training is normally provided to drivers who have been assessed or identified as being 'at risk'. It addresses the driver's skill and attitude as well as vehicle safety issues.
  • Workshops and group seminars: These workshops can be delivered face-to-face or online to all levels of driver or manager. They communicate safety messages and improve driver knowledge and are a successful; road risk reduction programme.
  • Fleet risk manager: An online, occupational road risk portal that enables you to manage your duty of care programme from your desktop.
  • Risk policies and documentation: We can help you comply with current HSE legislation and improve internal efficiency by devising and implementing appropriate fleet risk procedures.

Supplier Information

Lex Autolease have a partnership with one of the UK’s leading driver training companies, AA DriveTech, who provide full-service risk management that assists our customers in managing their Duty of Care obligations effectively, whilst also helping to improve driver behavior.

Originally established in 1990, AA DriveTech is now the UK’s largest provider of fleet risk management & driver education services in the UK.

The company gained a reputation for excellence and innovation, winning many awards including regional winners of the Bank of Scotland Corporate £25m Entrepreneur Challenge in 2007 and Thames Valley Business of the Year in 2008.

The company became part of the AA Group in July 2009 and has subsequently acquired leading complementary companies including Intelligent Data Systems, Nationwide 4x4 and Peak Performance.

AA DriveTech

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